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ACMPR License

The ACMPR program is special in that it is specifically designed to help Canadians obtain a license to grow cannabis for medical use on their property. As soon as you receive a license for growing cannabis by Health Canada you are entitled to grow it on your property. You can apply directly with us to obtain a Grow License.

About US

We at ACMPR Consulting Clinic are known to help every Canadian citizen who is looking forward to producing their own cannabis for medicinal purposes.Our team is efficient and experienced. We make sure that all patients are connected with doctors through telemedicine appointments. We also ensure that with each submission of the online intake form our clients receive their prescription within 48 hours. Our team of experienced advisors and physicians are aware of all the compliance requirements needed for the submission of a Medical Growing License in Canada. We assure you that your Grow Marijuana License will be approved on the first attempt. Each one of our customers is happily growing cannabis on their own and without any hassles.

We at ACMPR Consulting Clinic have been operating in this industry for the past three years. Both our clinic and our office are located in Victoria, BC. If your Marijuana License is not approved by the Canadian government you will be refunded. Our professional team is filled with energy and enthusiasm and are always eager to serve you at any cost. Our presence can be enjoyed by the Canadian residents across the country, as we serve in every province, except Mewfoundland and Labrador.

Our Aim

Our main aim at ACMPR Consulting Clinic is to keep our customers elated and healthy. With our 21st-century lifestyle comes many health issues. Some of the common health problems which affect us these days are diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, depression, ADHD/ADD, glaucoma, and many others. Cannabis can actually help you out if you are affected by any of the above-mentioned health conditions. We want you to enjoy a healthy life with your friends and family and growing your own medical cannabis can help you do just that.



Answer all the questions asked in the patient assessment form. Require any assistance from us? In that case, our customer support team can help you out.


In this step, you get a telecom appointment with a licensed doctor from Health Canada so that your ACMPR license can be approved.


As soon as your appointment is over your license will be mailed to you within 7-10 business days.

FAQ’ s

What is the full form of the ACMPR License?

ACMPR License is provided by Health Canada so that you can grow marijuana for medicinal use. The license permits you to grow a limited quantity of cannabis so that it can be used as medicine. The full form of ACMPR stands for Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation Growing License.

Can I grow cannabis outside?

While filling out the ACMPR form you will have to choose between indoors, outdoors, and indoor and outdoor. So yes, you can grow cannabis outside if you wish to do so.

Is there any age restriction for obtaining this license?

To obtain this license you will have to be 21 years of age.