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The ACMPR Program is designed for patients to grow for medicinal use only & can be very beneficial for all Canadians. Once you get an ACMPR (personal use production licence), you then are legally approved by Health Canada to grow your own medical cannabis for yourself or have a designated grower. This system allows 4 licenses per location. To start your application press Apply Now!


ACMPR Consulting Clinic assists all Canadians that would like to grow their own cannabis for medicinal purposes. We connect patients with compassionate doctors via telemedicine appointment and work diligently to make sure your prescription is ready within 48 hours of you submitting the online intake form (requires no previous medical history).

Our team of professional consultants and Doctors understand all of the compliance requirements for submitting a growing license application to Health Canada and that’s how we make sure your approved the first time! We have award winning service and the happiest growers across Canada!

Our headquarters and main clinic is located in beautiful Victoria, BC and we have been operating for over 3 years now. We are the only clinic that offers a risk FREE money back guarantee if your not approved! That’s how confident we are at ACMPR Consulting Clinic!
*We provide service in every province (except NL)


Our main goal is to help build a healthy and better future for our partners and clients. We want to give a healthy solution to our clients who are suffering from ailments (such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain, muscle problems, cancer, constant headaches, etc.) We want you to live a more fulfilled life so you can finally enjoy those long walks on the beach with your loved ones. It is a divine blessing to wake up feeling rejuvenated, and not suffer the effects of mainstream medication.


Step 1

Fill out patient assessment form (Need help ? Call our support line +1-833-688-6892 )

Step 2

TeleCom appointment with Health Canada certified doctor to get your ACMPR license approval!

Step 3

Upon completion of the appointment your license will be delivered within 7-10 business days enjoy.

Consulting/admin Fee

Pay with Interac E-Transfer!

How Many Plants Can I Grow? Click here to access the online calculator by Health Canada.


What is an ACMPR License?
ACMPR is a personal production license given by Health Canada. Under this license, an individual can cultivate a limited quantity of cannabis at home to treat their medical needs. It is also known as Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation Growing License.
What does ACMPR License stand for?
The ACMPR License stands for “Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations“, also known as Canada's medical marijuana law.
How many plants can I grow under ACMPR?
The number of plants that may be grown and the amount of dried marijuana that can be stored is limited by the ACMPR, and it’s based on your prescription. The ACMPR uses a unique formula which takes into account the following: • The daily amount, as authorized by your healthcare practitioner; • The average yield of a plant under certain growing conditions, such as indoor or outdoor growing; • The number of growth cycles expected in a year. How many plants can I grow?
5 Grams per day (25 plants) $165.00
10 Grams per day (49 plants) $250.00
20 Grams per day (98 plants) $350.00
30 grams per day (146 plants) $399.00
40 grams per day (195 plants) $450.00
50 grams per day (244 plants) $600.00
60 grams per day (292 plants) $700.00
70 grams per day (341 plants) $800.00
80 grams per day (390 plants) $900.00
90-95/day (463 plants) $1000.00
Can I also purchase from a Licensed Producer?
Anyone with a valid registration certificate will be able to access Licensed Producer supply “in the interim” before they are able to harvest product.
If I want to grow outdoors, can I?
Yes, when filling out the ACMPR forms, you will have the option of having an indoor, outdoor or indoor and outdoor license.
How Can I Get My Medicine Tested?
There are a number or laboratories that will test your marijuana. We can give you the link for a list of such laboratories.
I Want To Make Sure I Am Not Breaking Any Laws, How Can You Help?
We ensure that we fully comply with all Criminal Code regulations & Health Canada. We have helped thousands of people just like you.
This Varies Depending On How Many Grams You Require We broke It down Into Packages For Your Convenience;

$165.00 New Patient

$250.00 New Patient

$350.00 New Patient

$399.00 New Patient

$450.00 New Patient

$600.00 New Patient
$700.00 New Patient

$800.00 New Patient

$900.00 New Patient

$1000.00 New Patient

How Long Does The Process Take?
From Start to finish two calendar weeks, depending on appointment arrangement, & one week for the license to reach you.
Is There An Age Restriction?
The age restriction is 21 years old.
I’m Worried This May Be A Scam?
No. We have been helping people for years getting their licenses, we have taken the initiative to take it A step further, reason being we want to fight against the opioid crisis that has been ravaging all over Canada in recent years. Transitioning from just word of mouth to fully fledged digital space so we can reach all of Canada. We are passionate Canadians so we care about our Canadians.

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Bobby Spagetti
Bobby Spagetti
worst ACMPR service ever. First year I never did receive an appointment for my prescription it just showed up. second... year despite being a return customer prices were not discounted as stated the year before, instead prices went up. Took a couple tries to get the invoice correct, consultation was booked wrong several times. the process has been all manual, requiring effort on my end to move anything forward. now over 2 months after a simple renewal my acmpr license is expired and the email referenced on their website is no longer working. Do yourself a favor and go any where more
Michelle Lum
Michelle Lum
The best service and price for a licence to grow. Professional online clinic with friendly staff. Fast, easy process!
Harman Mann
Harman Mann
Very helpful with the process and received my prescription in a few days.
Iqbal Heer
Iqbal Heer
Best service and fast processing times. These guys are legit and know what they are talking about. Very professional!
Sandeep Sundher
Sandeep Sundher
amazing representation by this company and I got my prescription within a few days. I would highly recommend going... through these guys for your Acmpr more
Kelly Curley
Kelly Curley
Quit being Scammers and scamming people
Govind Khatkar
Govind Khatkar
Amazing staff and quick to respond. I had my consultation the same day! My prescription was ready to be mailed out the... following day. Pricing is the best I’ve seen across Canada! They make it so easy at ACMPR Consulting Clinic. Highly recommendread more


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